When the pandemic is over, I will go places

When the pandemic is over, I’m going places.

I’m going places, going places, going places.

I’m going to write my travel plans on a bullet journal and try my best to get ready for it. 

I promise that I’m going places, 

as soon as it’s all over. 

We are not necessarily stuck, not even momentarily. 

This morning, I reread some of the short blog entries I’d posted here before, and suddenly got an impulse for writing. Time finally becomes my company. Believe it or not, I’d actually been praying to have an opportunity that I can no longer afraid of time. Voila, here it is. 

For the very first time, I live in a place entirely by myself where I take the time to cook and bake, to read and daydream. As a socially awkward human, being on quarantine encourages me to stay in my comfort cocoon. I do realize how many opportunities I’ve missed in the past to get out of it. While watching movies and reading novels, I envy the characters who go to get the fuck out of their house because we all can’t at the moment. It is such a stranger feeling when time becomes the only thing I have, and traveling becomes a luxury.

When the pandemic is over, I’ll lose time again, but going places won’t be intangible any more. 

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