Fleescape (ongoing)

Fleescape is an ongoing project to observe and learn the segregated migrant workers' patterns of living under the fast-developing city, Hangzhou(China).

I created the word "fleescape" after accidentally transpassing a large empty field behind my residence by following several construction workers in my neighborhood. I saw cut down trees, random left-around objects, quietly parked excavator, temporary housing, and more residential buildings behind. I believed that I saw a scene, but wasn't quite sure how to describe this scene. It's quiet off for a scene as such appearing near a quality neighborhood. I thought about the landscape, moonscape, and dreamscape, and the meaning of "-scape." Thus, I decided to create a name for such "scene," a fleescape.

You can also read the word as a double up of "flee and escape." In China, millions of migrant workers leave their hometown to come to better-developed cities for better opportunities. Most of the migrant workers are taking below average or even minimum wages for the most unwanted jobs. They fled their poverty and hometown to those cities, but they want to escape again from living itself. The high living expenses devour their wage, and the temporary houses will soon to be replaced by the apartment buildings they could never be able to afford.
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